Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello one and all!

So this week is a bit of a rush, Wednesday is our Pday because it's a holiday here in Argentina, so we just have a little bit in the morning to write and stuff, but here are some fun things in the week:

We had exchanges this week and I went to Almagro with Elder Silva! It was so fun! It's right smack in the city, and so there were lot's of huge apartment building and things to walk under. Elder Silva is from Brazil and I have known him for quite some time, and we had a great day. He is helping me with my Portugese, which is pretty similar to Spanish if you didn't know. We had a lesson with a former coworker of a new 70, and she wanted the lesson in English, so I got to do a lesson in my native tongue! Haha it was really great. I guess she and her husband are going to be moving to the USA and they both know English (well, the husband said he could but needed some help to understand) and wanted the lesson to be in English to concentrate more. Elder Silva is still working on his English, but luckily the sister that accompanied us was a teacher at the MTC here in Bs As and knows her fair share of English and was able to help me out. It was such a great (and really long) lesson! The Spirit was definitely there. La pareja es muy creyente... I am trying to figure out the best way to say that in English, hold on.... The couple are firm believers (that took a lot more time than I want to admit, this Spanish thing.) in their religions, but the wife accepted a Book of Mormon and promised to read it. I hope she does and receives her witness that it is true!

Hope you all have a great week! Love you guy and will see you all soon enough!
Elder Hardcastle

 The TrĂ­o

I was really loving the contrast between the dark sky and the lights of the temple. Trying to be artsy =)

This one is my favorite

Everyone keeps thinking that Elder Bradbury and I are brothers and get us mixed up

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