Monday, May 9, 2016

The best things come in three

First things first, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MY MOM. She is so great. ¡Te quiero mucho mamá! Vos sos la mejor madre en el mundo. =) It was so fun to see the family last night and talk with them for a little bit.

... The work continues here in the Villa! We worked hard this week and found some pretty great people finally! Saturday night we were planning on looking for four/five-ish investigators before church, and after all our efforts one of them came with us! She is the friend of a less active the wants to start coming back to church,and they both came and really liked it! She even brought her pamphlet that we gave her.

 This last week I was called a Spaniard twice, so you could pretty much say I am a native speaker. =) Just kidding.  I always ask people where they think I am from and 98% of the time they think I'm either from North America or European, but it always is a bit gratifying when the people tell you a Spanish country. Anyways, just in case you want to know that.

For right now, I am in a trio! One of the Elders in the Villa left to start in the offices, and so Elder Juzga and I have taken Elder Millar as one of our own. I was happy because I thought we'd be in a trio for the rest of the transfer, but today Elder Millar got a call and was told that he´ll get a new companion Wednesday. =(  Oh well.

I know that this is short, but I hope you are having the greatest week and that you enjoy your time with your families. Being in the mission I am learning more every day about how much I love my family. I am so grateful that my parents raised me with good standards and teachings, and that I have a jazzy airplane-flying brother and a sassy beautiful twin sister, who everyone is in love with here in Argentina. My family rocks!

See you all soon enough!
Elder Hardcastle

No photos because my adapter is broken=(

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