Monday, May 2, 2016

Summertime Sadness

Someone in the villa was blasting Summertime Sadness the other day, and I was really feeling it. These last two weeks have been QUITE brisky thank you very much, and I have been having to use the fancy coat and scarf I bought a few weeks back. I don't mind too much. I never knew how great scarves are until now, I love them! And now we can work with a little more style during this time of the year.  =)

So last Tuesday a drunk (high?) guy fell on me. Haha it was so weird. and sad. We were talking with a less active at her kiosco ( I think I have mentioned what a kiosco is before, but many people here run stores from their homes. They´re like the minimarkets at gas stations, but more mini), and this guy came walking down the passage. He walked over to my companion, walked behind me, and then fell down on me. We kind of just kept talking but when we finished I helped him up and he asked if I could walk with him. I said sí and walked with him for a stretch, until he found a friend and we made a quick getaway. 

My companion is district leader, and district leader means EXCHANGES! yeah! this last week I had two. I love exchanges, or divisiones, as we call them here in Argentina. My first one I had with one of our zone leaders, Elder Jensen from Colorado. I got to go to Villa 1-11-14, which is a lot more crazy than good ol' Soldati. I have some good stories to tell about this villa when we get home. I had a great time, and there are a TON of members there, we seriously ran into like 4 in the street. It was a lot of fun, and I like to see the different ways that people do missionary work. Then the very next day we had divines again, this time because my companion had to do a baptismal interview and so I stayed in Soldati with Elder Murat from Chile and had a crazy day. I didn't make the plans and my companion put down a lot of people that I didn't know that he had found the day before, and didn't put the directions! So we kept having to call Elder Juzga to tell us where to go. But it was a great day and busy day and we were always on the go! We also met with a less active and she was so happy because we put in a light bulb in her room. And then she went to church the next day! She is a really lovely lady, so sincere. 

Also, Every Saturday there is an open market that runs through the villa. And when it's over, sometimes the vendors don't want to carry all their merchandise back with them, so they just leave it on the street. I got a new tie now so that is good. =)

I have much more to write but everyone is getting after me because they want to leave and I was stressing out over my Skype call. So more next week!

See you all soon enough!,
Elder Hardcastle=)

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