Monday, May 16, 2016

Okay I am so sick of this whole not being able to send pictures deal.

Greeting Friends!
Let's start out with some fun random moments of the week!
-Last Pday we were walking in the mall because my companion was buying new shoes, and what should come on over the speaker? Pumping up the Party, by the one and only Hannah Montana. So that was just a really special moment. 
-My companion Elder Juzga turned 25 this last week! That means that there are 5.5 years of difference between us. I don't think he liked it too much that I kept telling people he was getting really old, but you only turn 25 once in your life.
-This morning I made 4 goals in fútbol, which is more than I have ever made in one day, I think. 
-My nationality of the week is... is.. French!
This was quite an eventful week. We started off Tuesday with an early morning trip to the temple for our zone conference with President Ayre and his wife. They are some good people. It was so great to be in the temple, I miss going every week sooooo muuuuuuch. We got there around five and the temple lights were on and I got some crazy beautiful photos... if only I could send them to you. It is such a beautiful temple, just outside the city. During the conference we talked about fe (faith), esperanza (hope), and caridad (charity), and I really loved it! We were put into groups and my group was asked to talk about charity. I just love charity. If we want to have the pure love of Christ, we need to do the things that Christ did! It's pretty simple, but I still need to work on it=)
This week the trío had exchanges, and Elder Gonzales came over! He is from Mexico and is from my group. I love doing exchanges, I think it is so fun to see other peoples´ form of missionary work. Basically we have been in the same places during our missions, Los Polvorines, Pilar, and now we are both serving in Soldati (but he works in the area outside the villa)! Basically, we are the same, but not. We also bought tacos, but here is the deal: Argentines don't know how to make the best taco, and are deathly afraid of spicy food. And the taco place is expensive. So they were okay but nothing too outstanding.
Also the trío died Friday. =(  It was fun while it lasted. Now we have a mini missionary in the apartment, who is approximately 4feet 11inches tall and pretty much lives right down the street. He actually already finished his mission just a month and a half ago! He is pretty funny. But small. like really small.
We also had a BAPTISM! My first in Soldati. Felicia is really the greatest. I talked about her before, she is the best type of investigator but was working Sundays and couldn't get them off. Through much patience she was finally baptized. It was so great. We have been waiting for this moment since I got here in the area, and is definitely one of the highlights here. She pretty much always feeds us when we go over to her house, which is an added bonus. And we accidentally flooded the church while filling up the baptismal font, but luckily we got it all just about cleaned up before the three hour block got out=) I will send photos of the baptism when I can...

That's about it for this week! BE NICE and I'll see you all soon enough!
Elder Hardcastle

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