Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Todas las cosas son macanudo.

Hola amigos!

Wowzers, another week down! I'm 1/3 of the way done with my time at the MTC! WOOOT!
The days here are running together, its hard to remember what happens one day and what happens another, because for the most part they are all the same. Well except for Pday and Sunday and Tuesday night devotionals.... but other than that they are structured basically the same! 

I really love the MTC guys. Yes it is hard, but I am SO grateful I prepared myself before I came, it saves lots of stress! All I really have to worry about is strengthening my own testimony, which is hard but is a LOT easier to do this without feelings of guilt. If you are leaving for a mission in the near future, work on preparing yourself NOW. Strengthen your testimony, repent of things even if they seem not so big, try to live the attributes of Christ! Also make sure you bring school supplies... it sounds silly but I have made many a trip to the bookstore to pick up index cards, scissors, tape, glue, notebooks.... just lots of stuff:) I haven't used all of it yet, but it always best to be prepared!

Spanish is still tough, but hey what's new? I'm not too scared yet though. I can understand some of the key words to what is being said and patch up what I can! I bought a book of verbs (courtesy of the bookstore:)) so hopefully that will help me! I write down words in a notebook if they stick out to me and then try to look them up or ask others what they mean, or something. it's whatever:) I figure the language will come when it comes, so why worry? 

Me and Sister Lemon got to have a full on conversation yesterday! It was wonderful. We sat by each other in choir for the devotional, we were even shown on the big screen! So that was fun! It's so fun seeing people I know here! So if y'all know anyone dropping by in the near future let me know and I'll look out for them! 

Sunday we had a really good devotional by Stephen B. Allen.  He talked about stages we go through when we start new experiences; the Honeymoon phase, the Hostile phase, the Grin-and-bear-it phase, and the Adapting phase (i sorta forgot to write down the last one, but I'm pretty sure it was something like that) SOOOOOO GOOOOOD. And he was sassy, which was good. YOU CAN HAVE ATTITUDE AND BE A SERVANT OF THE LORD!

I know it's a bit scattered and not very long, but I'm running out of time! LOVE YOU ALL and I'll see you soon enough!.

Elder Brock Hardcastle

Me and Elder Sargent

Sister Lemon is cool

Our District
ELDERS: me, Hoopes, Sargent, Steele, Holtry, and Christensen, and one of our super great teachers, Hermano Magallanes
HERMANAS: Adkins, Landen, Smith, and Powers

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