Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Basicalmente una mes a la CCM

Bienvenido! So this week was a week. But I've Been at the MTC almost a whole stinkin' month now! Booya!

Lot's of stuff here is pretty much the same every week, But hey! esta bien. My Spanish is getting better... still not great, but better! The grammar is muy loco! And all the conjugations. But I'm still alive and that is nothing to sneeze at.  Haha I actually had to take a Spanish assessment here, and though most of what I said probably wasn't very great, the person who analyzed it said I didn't sound like a Gringo!  ESO ES EMOCIONENTE! ( if that doesn't mean anything I'm sorry.... I hope it said that is thrilling)

I ran once this week. but mostly have been playing volley ball. All the Italians left so we play with Dutch and Germans.

Also I ate a turkey burger today. So that's news.

Recently I've been reading about Amulek in the Book of Mormon. I like that man, I'd like to think that him and me would get a long pretty well. Anywho, I was reading about his insane doctrine smackdown over Zeezrom (Alma 11), and I was most impressed. Amulek and Alma went through so much heartache on their mission! I mean, they went and taught this one city, and then the bad people in the city burned all those who believed on their words. People like that make me angry. But one of the great parts of the story is when Zeezrom becomes converted. Once a hater, now a believer and a teacher. if you're in for some heart-wrenching but great el Libro de Mormón reading, go through Alma 11, 14, and 15. There is so much good in it but I just don't have the time to tell it all well.

An Elder in our Zone received a whole watermelon in the mail. So we ate it. 

I had to say goodbye to Sister Lemon on Monday night, and that was super duper sad. Hopefully she arrived safe and sound in Taiwan! 

Sorry this is not very long (and not very organized), I'm learning and learning and learning and really love this place! It's hard, PERO, vale la pena. (that mean's it's worth it).

Love you guys! See you all soon enough!


Elder Hardcastle

Hey look it's my neighbor Sister Kartchner

Just some Missionary essentials. Notice my notebook.

Sister Lemon the night before she left.

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