Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yo no soy italiano... o latino

Greeting all from a toasty week up at the MTC!
(seriously. it's hot.)

One week down! It's so fun up here guys! I love it. I love my teachers, my district, my zone, Just about all of it! Well minus the part about getting up at 6:30 or earlier every day, but esta bien:) Our zone is super duper cool, we get along just about all the time! Don't worry, the sass hasn't died yet, but it is getting a little bit more refined, since half of my vocabulary isn't really smiled upon here (holla, swag, lol, etc.) But it's all cool. Hermana Landon and me get along especially well. She is from Texas and is going to Rancho Cucamonga CA and matches me in the sass department. 

We had one Hermana leave yeasterday evening, which was kind of sad. I guess she has some mental adversities she tried to patch up too quickly before the mission, and so she had to leave. So last night was a bit blue, but that's life. I have been having a blast though; it's hard and overwhelming at times but I'm so glad to be here!

Spanish is weird... sometimes when I'm trying to put things into Spanish my German comes out... ooops! Mi Companero is like the best speaker in our zone, so luckily he can take most of the load during our lessons and tell me afterwards what all was said:)

Speaking of lessons, We have taught two investigators already! Jorge was our first and we've taught him a good couple of times, he's cool. Me and mi companero are both pretty tan (except I think he is naturally tan... really tan .. but still white), and during our first lesson Jorge asked us something along the line of if we are of Latino descent! hahaha! yeah no, sorry Jorge. I thought it was especially funny because a hermana we sat by the first day during dinner thought I was Italian. Who knew I was so exotic, right?

Sister Lemon appreciation moment because I am always seeing her around campus! She even came and visited one day during her study time, which was muy bien!
Also the food is pretty dang good. I limit myself though! Well I try... BUT I'm definitely not eating more than most the other elders in my district. I envy their metabolisms. 

We play volleyball here just about everyday! I love it. There are a few sand courts over in the field across from the MTC, and we like to play there more than in the ones in the gym. I feel as though the people are less judge-y that we play with on sand. Most the time we play with an Italian zone, so it's just some good clean fun!

Love you guys! Hope all is well, wherever you are! Elder H is doing good and learning some along the way.

See you all soon enough:)
Elder Hardcastle

My camera is being difficult... so pics next week! (hopefully)

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