Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Okay. So, our District Leaders are super duper awesome and letting us take 20ish minutes to email home this week, since Wednesday is our P-Day! Holllllla! 

Guys this place is SO cool. Like I'm already feeling so great. Right after we pulled in to the MTC I saw the ONE AND ONLY Sister Tiffany Lemon, and that was such a tender mercy. I was really hoping to see her so it was just so great. We gave each other a really big handshake, and then I went and talked with her again at lunch. Ahhhh  it was so good. I'd post the pic but don't have my camera on me right now. Next week:) and shortly after I saw Sister Kartchner! and Elder Fistrup! It's so cool!

My companion is Elder Sargeant, from St. Geezy and is going to Resistencia (Spell check?) in Argentina. We are kind of opposites, but are getting along really well at the moment. Our dorm room is made for 6 people, but we are the only two in there! So that's nice. The older people in our district came over and said hi.

So Spanish.... it's kind of hard. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in my class (6 elders and 4 hermanas) that has had no Spanish classes up to this point, but it's whatevs. I'm optimistic! Some of the older folk in my district haven't had Spanish before the MTC and they, seem alright... so I'll be fine. 
This place is so cool, I'm already seeing such awesomeness here! 

Love you guys, see you all soon enough!
Elder H.

(Born Together, Best Friends Forever!)

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