Monday, November 7, 2016

camarero desencamaronamelo

(Enjoy that tragalenguas that has been floating around the ward this week.)

... And hello from a steamy Buenos Aires, Wowzers was it hot Saturday and Sunday!

So this week we did service! And all on martes ... I mean Tuesday. oops. We started off the day carry a refridgerator down the stairs of an apartment building and then carrying it up another side, because the elevator doesn't work... so yeah. My companion´s shirt got SUPER  dirty, so we went to a member´s house to go and borrow another. Just to let you know, latinos are not the biggest of persons. My companions is built kind of like and ox, and while he fit into the shirts, his unusually large neck was not close to letting him do up the top button. So I had to wear this member´s shirt which barely tucked in and then wear a jacket over it because it was a little too tight... yep. and I wore that to our next service! which was helping a lady in our ward with English homework. And that took us a long while. But It gave us opportunities to serve, and it was good to help the ward out a little bit.
Sunday was a good day. Out of nowhere an former investigator came to church! He told us that he just felt like going, and so he did! We are going to go and visit him this week to see if now he is more ready to learn and keep committments! And then later that afternoon we decided to go and visit a family that we have been working with that has run into a couple of problems. So remember when I went and knocked that door of the less active and found a house FULL of people? yeah, them. Well, a less active has gone rougue and she is causing a couple of problems for the ward. She is loca crazy, to put it shortly. But she happens to be a friend of this family and told them a whole bunch of lies (like that we worship Jospeh Smith, etc.) and this family got a little bit confused from what she told them and what others had said. Anywho, I knew we had to have a sit down with them and talk it all out. So I we prayed with them and actually ended up having a really good lesson! I reminded them that when we want to make an important spiritual decision, Satan is going to try attacking us so that we don't follow through. I was like LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENNING TO YOU GUYS! HE IS ATTACKING YOU. And then they were like Yeah, but why won't God just tell us that this is the right church? So I explained to them... again... that he won't answer us unless we have faith. It's like wanting to eat a cake, but not being willing to make it. I asked them how they had been doing with their reading from the Book of Mormon and praying, and they admitted they hadn't been putting forth a very good effort. So this week they are going to work on it! So please pray from them! And then to finish off the day we waited for the bus for like ever and got home after 9:45... oops.
So yeah that was my week! It's going by a little slow, but I am glad for the oppoutunities I have to share the Gospel and to help others, and I am growing so much personally! I hope you all have a great week, and I'll see you all soon enough!
Elder Hardcastle

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