Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Good Morning Ba...radero!

The eagle has flown. That's right, Eldersito Hardcastle has left his loving Villa Soldati and has headed to the other side of the mission. But we'll get to that later.
So, ¿Cómo están? This week was super great. Like SUPER great. POR FIN we had interviews and capacitación from Presidente Smith an the other leaders in the mission. It was pretty good. We talked a lot about our goal of sharing 30 Libros de Mormón every week and what is holding us back from doing it and how we can do it better. What I got out of it is that I needed to be more bold by talking to more people and being more direct when talking. And then the next day we did multidivisiones in the Zone, where all the elders do a division with another group of elders from a different area. And guess where I went? Barrio Rivadavia, which happens to be the most dangerous in the mission. So that was jazzy. I was there with Elder Castro from El Salvador, and we put in some serious work. The assistants told us we need to double our efforts in this work, and so the zone leaders told us that instead of trying to give away four LDM that day, they wanted us to give out eight. ¿¿Quééééé?? I've never done that. Luckily that Lord blessed us, and we were able to give away not only eight, but ten books! And then again on Sunday we busted our daily goal and gave out seven! And it helped me strengthen my testimony that when we are more bold and direct, the people will be more touched.
One of the things we were encouraged to try is help the people see how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of our soul. So in my primer contact I've started asking the people what problems or question they have in their lives, and I will find a part in the Book of Mormon to answer it. I'm pretty sure if someone told me to open up like that- in the street, encima- I wouldn't. But guys, you would not believe how many people DO! It's really one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my mission. After talking to a person for a few minutes, these people open up to the very core, telling us how they are angry at God because He allowed their children to die, or how some people don't want to try to be good anymore because when they do everything seems to go worse, etc. And then the best part is that we get to testify that they are children of a Heavenly Father who loves them and knows what they are going through, and then we find a scripture based on their need. It makes me feel like I am really fulfilling my purpose!
So yeah Sunday was a day of miracles in Soldati. We left that day with the desire to find a family of four. Well it was about six in the afternoon and we still hadn't found one. So we decided to pray. We were on our way to a member family's house so I pretty much said, ''Heavenly Father, we really want to find a family of four today preferably before we make it to the Olmedo's house. Please help us to find them and be bold enough to contact them.'' We serious just turned the corner and BOOM. There was a family of four! And they accepted the Book of Mormon! and then a few minutes later BOOM! Another family. God really does answer our prayers when they are in line with His will. And then later on in the day we met with a lady we had given a LDM to the day before, and it was amazing. She had told us she was getting tired of trying to be good because everything was going downhill even through all her efforts. We Shared Alma 38 with her and than talked about how it is that we have the Libro de Mormón and the Restoration of the Gospel. She and two of her kids are sooo ready.
And then yesterday we got transfer calls, and me tocó ser trasladado. I am now in LA GRAN ZONA ZARATE! In the area Baradero. And I love it so far. And I am here with a ton of my friends! I basically went from one side of the mission to the other. And it's pretty much the castaway zona, because it is close to nothing, just a looooooooot of fields. It reminds me of a mixture of Arizona and Idaho, without the mountains. My companion is Elder Martinez from California, who I will be killing this transfer. I have been wanting to come to Zarate since pretty much the beginning of my mission, so I am as happy as I could be! Stay tuned for some great adventures here!
That's about all I got for you all this week, folks. Keep on keeping on, AND PRAY. It works. I relearned that this week. He WILL answer your prayers!
See you all sooon enough!
Elder Hardcastle
1. Elder Martinez and I
2. Outside our apartment. ¡QUÉ TRANQUILO!

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