Monday, September 26, 2016

... I'm training again!


Well this week was crazy. I think I say that a lot. Well, that's because it happens a lot! So just fasten your sea tbelts, it's time to get started on this weeks roller-coaster adventure! are you ready yet? Okay... ¡Vamos!

So we started out the week with exchanges with a companionship from Parque Patricios, the Brazilians, Elders Almeida and Lopes. But it was a weird exchange because all five of us were in the villa! We made two companionships and I was with Elder Sagriptani and Elder Almeida. We got to one of our lessons and met with this lady that is SOOOOO ELEGIDA. Like crazy. We were talking about the restoration and had gotten to the Book of Mormon and she told us that she and her son have been looking for a church for a while but they can't seem to find the right one. We were like WELL THIS IS WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR. HERE, READ THis BOOK. So yeah. I expect great things from them. =) 

Then Wednesday night we received shocking news. We got a call from Presidente that Elder Sagripanti would be going to the offices, and that I was going to be Elder Justice's new trainer! We were really surprised! That next morning we shipped off Elder Sagripanti in a remis all by himself, and I put my imaginary training boots on again and we got to work! We helped a lady push her salchipapa cart to her house and BOOM. We have another family to teach. 

We also called up an old contact and BOOM. Another family. We are seeing a lot of miracles right now. Elder Justice is a great missionary and we really try to follow the Spirit to know what to do. We have really great unity which helps us be more open to following the Spirit. 

We had another great experience yesterday when we were walking past a park and felt inspired to talk to a lady who was outside with her kids. We got talking and she told us that she thought her husband was cheating on her with another woman and she was waiting in the park because she had just told him to pack up and leave. We were able to give her a Libro de Mormón and testify that it will bring her her more help then anything else, and we are going to meet with her later this week! There are so many blessings waiting for us if we stop and listen.

We were able to participate in the worldwide day of service on Saturday! The stake inside Buenos Aires city went to a Catholic hospital and did some landscaping. We got to wear these jazzy aprons that say Manos Mormones que Ayudan (Mormon Hands that Help) and I helped sand down the fence so they could put on a new coat of paint. I also helped dig a hole. So yeah. Yay for service!

Those are some of the big highlights of the week! Stay tuned for more next week. I hope you all are preparing good questions to go into General Conference with. Take advantage of this great opportunity we have to listen to the prophet's voice! 

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns for us missionaries. We love you guys!

See you all soon enough,
Elder Hardcastle

No photos because I forgot my camera. 

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