Sunday, September 25, 2016

a las corridas

¡Hola a todos! Que semana, ¿verdad? I feel like we have been on the go for the whole thing. And since like Wednesday we don't have hot water (don't worry it's getting fixed...) , so it is back to the good ol' bucket baths! haha 

It was another week here in Soldati. Being in the trio, it really seems like every day brings on a new challenge. No two days are the same. It seemed like this week seemed to pass particularly slow, but we were able to see some miracles by the time Sunday came around (a family in the church and less actives that I have never seen that want to come back). I am trying to keep with the giving 3 LDM a day (the challenge changed to three a day), but it is hard trying to juggle that with all the appointments we have! This Friday we were able to go and do visits with one of our recent converts, Hermana Felicia. You should meet her, she is really one of the greatest people I have ever met. She went to an appointment with us, and then when we were returning to her house she led us to two referrals! One of them is a family where the father is a member but veeeeeeeery inactive. But he has a big family (like seven kids), and we are going to stop by to talk with them this Friday. This lady knows like everyone! 

We also had one day where the whole threesome went to Villa 1-11-14 for divisiones and stayed the night with the zone leaders and the other companionship there. Party for seven in their apartment. Except it's not much of a party when everyone is so tired. Also, I slept on the ground. =)

I have been seeing some blessing of opening my mouth. Last Wednesday we were teaching a man outside of his house and I was thinking 'I need to contact one of his neighbors,' I was pretty sure a couple months ago another elder had gone through the apartment building and contacted the residents, so I wasn't too motivated. But one of them was walking into his house, so I ran over to talk to him and give him a pass along card. He pretty much rejected talking to me, but I felt satisfied from talking to him. Fast forward a couple of minutes. We are still teaching this man and the neighbor came out of his house and asked what church we were from. We got talking and he had met the missionaries years before when he was living in Japan! In the same mission where my brother just got back from. And he wants us to come back so we can teach his whole family! We have an appointment with him later today. One of the greatest parts for me was when he said that he felt bad after closing the door, ''because it's like closing the door on Jesus.'' It was really gratifying to me having this man recognize the the importance of our calling as missionaries. We are truly representatives of our Savior!

The other little miracle I saw was when we were contacting at the house of a lady that we'd given a LDM to, and I asked her sister, who was leaving, if we could give her an invitation to the church (the simple church invite is a great lead into talking about the Book of Mormon I think), she showed quite a bit of interest and was planing on going to church! Until we passed by her house and she was having to take care of her sister's kids. But she had read what we left in her LDM so I think she really has desires to learn more. She has her fair share of trials right now and the Gospel could really help her. 

Those are some of the highlights of this week! I hope you are all preparing for GENERAL CONFERENCE! I was thinking the other day 'hey, conference should be coming up soon,' AND IT'S COMING UP MY FRIENDS. So go and prepare, and watch your questions be answered.  =)

See you all soon enough! 
Elder Hardcastle=)


1.  Fit life. Running in the rain. We ran over to this park I have wanted to visit for a long time
2.  Our post-run lunch. 

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