Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tengo un Padrasto

¡Buenos dìas ustedes!

I hope you all are doing well. What a wild couple of days! Currently, I am sitting in the la Iglesia  writing you all with my NEW COMPANION. Yessirs (and ma'ams), Elder Carrasco is now a Lìder de Zona in Belgran, and I recieved Elder Sousa de Brazil. Things are looking good for Pilar this tranfer. As of right now we have 4 baptismal dates, and hopefully two more after two of our investigators set up a date for their marriage. Guys, this is so fun! People literally change for the gospel. There are LOTS of people here that aren't married but have families and stuff... I really don't know why, I don't think getting a marriage license here is tons of money, but yeah. Also, Elder Carrasco and I credited our success to our obedience. Exact obedience is not easy, and at times we fall short, but really we have been busy and it has been paying off. So yay for us! now Elder Sousa and I just have to keep the good times rolling, which doesn't seem like it will be too dificult. The big challenge I see now is the language... because Elder Sousa doesn't know much English and so we will be speaking Castellano a lot a lot a lot! But hey, that's a good thing right?

I must tell you of a special moment of the week. This week I received a package from my super duper amazing family. Remember last week how I told you they were the cream of the crop? Well, they are. There is this member that lives in my zone that puts together packages from those missionaries from the States. USA and Argentina customs laws are no bueno, so really I can receive nothing from home because it will be stuck in customs forever, but this guy goes and finds American foods and sends them within Argentina to missionaries if parents want to send their missionary something. And food is the best sort of something=) I got Mentos (manufactured in Brazil but they still tasted pretty good), pretzels ( YASSSSSS), these banana taffy things that I'm pretty sure were from Argentina but tasted delightful, cheese sauce (this with the pretzels was pretty dang swell) and Hershey Kisses. CHOCOLATE IS SO HARD TO FIND HERE FOR CHEAP, so this was a blessing to be sure=)

I went on Exchanges with Elder Cunningham this last week. Wowzers he is super great. He was (he got transferred today) one of the leaders  of the zone. He has one crazy story of his life before the mission. Man, missions are so cool, and people change on their missions. If anything, I know that this Gospel truly has the capacity to change people's lives for the better. 

Well I have a new Companion, like I said earlier. Elder Sousa is pretty dang cool. He says he is going to teach me Portuguese but right now I am more focused on the Spanish. But he also cooks so we are going to be laying down some serious culinary skills in the kitchen this transfer. Seriously, I am pumped. 

Eso es todo para ahora. Hope you all are doing just peachy and I want ALL OF YOU to sit down and read some of the Book of Mormon. 2 Nephi 31 is a pretty good chapter, maybe go read that.

Love you all! See you soon enough,

Elder Hardcastle

my package=)

la Zona Austral

Milanesa with these great Abuelitos en our ward. Milanesa is a dish of Argentina, and is suuuper good. look it up.

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