Monday, September 21, 2015

Muffins, Baptisms, and a Wedding

Well, another week has passed in Pilar 2!

Goodness, what a week we had.  To start off, last Pday I decided to buy a muffin tin and try my luck in the baked goods department. We had bananas so I whipped up some banana muffins and to be honest they weren't too bad at all, especially with my two favorite condiments (plum jelly and dulce de leche). I just need to figure out a way for them to cook a liiiiiiiittle more evenly. The first batch was a bit burned on the outside, but the second was good. Now if I could just find some chocolate chips I'd be a happy camper!

Let's chat a bit about the Familia "A". This family I LOVE.  With some last minute surprises, this family is now happily married, and also BAPTIZED.  Woot woot!  And guess who got to baptize them? I will say baptizing this family is probably the biggest highlight of my mission so far. I was hoping they'd ask me to baptize them, but I didn't expect all three! We weren't planning on having a baptism Friday, but we figured ``Why not?´´ and a baptismal service we had. Married by morning, baptized by night, well on the way to eternal salvation. THIS IS GREAT!

Between the hustle and bustle of Friday, we also had interviews with Presidente Ayre.  Man, That man is so great. So nice. So happy. Between the coughs we had a great conversation about where I feel like I am at right now in the mission and where I want to be, how to get there. 'Twas marvelous. 

I know this is super short, but Pday is almost over and we are 91% out of food so we need to do some serious grocery shopping at our local Carrefour. 

Side note: yes there is Walmart here.

Love you all and I hope your week is thrilling. Go out and be a little bit kinder today. 

See you all soon enough:)

Elder Castillo Duro

Just a fun fact for you, I think I am getting fatter. In fact, a sister in our ward told me such at our almuerzo yesterday, bless her heart. I love that about Latinos, they just say what is up=)
Okay bye for reals for this week.

BASICally satisfied with my muffins

the "A" Family and I   :)

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