Monday, September 14, 2015


Oi. Meu nome é Elder Hardcastle. estou otimo?

So yeah basically I'm fluent in Portuguese now. HAHAHAHAHA not even. But! I think my Castellano is improving. We have to talk in Castellano almost all the time because Elder Sousa has a limited understanding of English and I just maxed out on my Portuguese (see above phrase... and he had to help my with that as well). Patience will be the virtue of the transfer I think. Elder Sousa is super duper charitable with me, which is good. I JUST WISH I KNEW THIS LANGUAGE. But, I am living. So that is always a plus right? I think I am getting better every day. I sure hope so. 

We cooked this week. It was nice, and you can make more with two people! Our resources are limited because our budget is limited, but it was . Una Hermana in our ward gave us a vianda and it was seriously enough for 10 people so right now we are swimming in bananas which isn't a problem with me. I am having scares about gaining weight here... Dulce de Leche and Alfajoresare worth it though. I have had this cough for the past couple days. I don't feel sick and I'm pretty sure it's just stuff in the air (remember it's springtime here), but it has been a really nice ab workout even though at times I can barely get a few words out between coughing fits. 
have I mentioned Alfajor before? Look them up they are a little bit of heaven on earth.

As of right now we have 6 progressing investigators, a wedding this week, and a baptism set for next Sunday. How blessed are we! I really want to find a new investigator this week though, so I will be trying to ´´abbir mi boca´´ and all that jazz more this week. One of our investigators ask if I could baptize him this last week! ahhhh SI SI SI SI SI! Actually, he wanted Elder Carrasco to do it, but since Elder Carrasco probably won't be able come back for the baptism He said he wants me to do it. Second place but I'll take it.=)

Short, sweet, and slightly sassy is all I have for this week. Remember who you are and that the Gospel path is the Happy path. It changes people. 

Love y'all. See you all soon enough!

Elder Hardcastle

We are writing from a Cybercafe thingy and at first I couldn't find a photo port but My companion found one on the computer so you all are in luck.

Pancakes con mermelada de ciruela y dulce de leche

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