Monday, August 31, 2015

Bienvenido a la tierra de malgas cortas

That should say,  welcome to the land of short sleeves.   If no, oopsie =)  But the short sleeves are officially out! I think the last time I wore short sleeves was like my second day here, because it has been friiiiiiigid and rainy. but last week it started heating up and to be honest it's gotten pretty dang toasty here already so we'll see how the summer heat actually is! 

Sorry for no typing last week! La Zona Austral took a lil' day excursion to Capital to play some soccer. Have I mentioned how I am really, bad at soccer? Well I am. BUT My zone says I improved from last time so maybe by the time I leave I'll become pretty dang good. I can hope at least=)

I had my first baptism! well kinda. Elder Carrasco started teaching "E" before I got here, but I sat in on the majority of the lessons. She is so sweet, and she's gotten into the member missionary mode quite well, giving us a few references. 

Last week I went on exchanges with Elder Hansen in Del Viso, who is from Utah! It was really nice to speak English with someone, even if we are supposed to speak the mission language siempre. My language has gotten lots better, I think. I lack language study a lot but I am starting to understand a lot more of what people are saying. Replying is still difficult, but I think I am starting to understand more of the flow of the language. now I need to figure out what I need to say and then translate that into Castellano basically immediately. Nothing too hard right? Speaking of which, Almost NO ONE can say my name here. Kinda funny, kinda of exasperating at the same time. I really want to ask President Ayre if I can get a plaque that says ELDER CASTILLO DURO instead, but we'll see. My guess is no. 

When I was on exchanges, Elder Hansen was a peach and made was pancakes for breakfast. I got really tired of eating scrambled eggs and bread for breakfast, so after we returned I bought flour and sugar, and all I can say is YOU BETTER BELIEVE I AM MAKING PANCAKES. Because I am. Pancakes con dulce de leche o mermelada de ciruela son TAN RICO, Yo les prometo. I love cooking. We don't have dinner time here, so my dinner is usually around 9:30 - 10:30, which doesn't leave much time for anything else, but it gives me some me time and I like food so not much complaining from this side of the equator=) I like to mix rice with tomatoes or make an oatmeal and yogrt combination. Yesterday I was feeling extra exotic so I made a banana crumble. once again, YOU BETTER BELIEVE I CAN MAKE A CRUMBLE and then add banana to it. I'll admit, it got a little burned but hey, nobody is perfect. 

Now on to some real missionary stuff. This has been an incredible week. We are teaching this couple (Familia Aguirre), and they are amazing. We were teaching them and another couple that was over during one of our lessons. The hombre didn't seem all 'elegido,' he didn't really believe and God and looked a little disinterested. That all changed. It's so cool to be able to witness the change that is coming over people. These people has a desire to change their lives and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the perfect pathway. 
This week really has been great. I realized that I am SOOO blessed to have such a rockin' family and parents that raised me in the gospel. They are such great examples to me. So if you all need some good examples, we have some guest bedrooms opened up now since all their little birds have left the nest=) Hardcastle B&B is officially opened I guess!

Chau for now mis amigos. See you all soon enough=)

Pics- Soccer and baptisms and pizza, oh my!

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