Thursday, December 29, 2016

Feliz Navidad

So this week was pretty jazzy. We finished up the Zárate zone choir with our last concert in Lima. It has been so fun to sing these little villancicos in our zone. Afterwards we went to the church because the zone leader had bought us empanadas and pizza, but the delivery guy came pretttttttty late, so we had to eat quickly and get out. And then the next morning I had to get up early because we had our mission Christmas activity, and there were EIGHT of us staying in the apartment of the Zárate elders (Living far away with crazy bus schedule problems really inconveniences us and San Pedro. But I love it) 

AND I needed a haircut (In Argentina hair cutting places don't open on Mondays (o say, Pday)... don't ask me why.), so Elder Rumualdo cut my hair (I had to help a bit), and my companion's hair, but he sort of messed up and cut the sides to small, and well, as he says, it looks like an hongo. And he's going home like in two days so it's fine, jaja=). 

Sunday was FUN! We had church at 11:20 so we stayed in and I got to do some of my studies, and we wrapped some Libros de Mormón in wrapping paper to give away later. Well, it was POURING rain. just about the whole day.  So I was kind of scared I wouldn't be able to hand out my Christmas present, but then after church before our Skype call we found someone who wanted to learn more, So I got to hand out my book! It's probably one of the best Christmas presents I've ever given.  =)

Obviously, I loved talking to my family! I was so nice to be able to be all together and being, well, HARDCASTLES. It's weird to think that now I only have one more Skype with them. Oof. I'm getting old. 

Well now let's talk about The whole reason we have Christmas, Christ, for a bit. So our mission President has asked us to read Jesus The Christ every day as part of our personal studies, and So I am reading it about 30 minutes every day, and I love it. I am learning so much more about my Savior. I just finished the part where it talks about his adolescence. It amazes me. HE amazes me. Go and read chapters 9 and 10. I am so grateful for me perfect Savior. 
That's all for this week! I love you guys. See you all soon enough!

Elder Hardcastle


2 and 3 Christmas with the Luquez family. They are the best.

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