Monday, October 10, 2016

Fat and Feliz

Well hello there!

Well we were in a little bit of a slump at the beginning of the week, and then Sunday came, and everything got better! I feel like that happens a lot in the mission, like we are working so hard with not very many results and then we get to the last day and we see small miracles! We see the fruits of our labors after the trail of our faith!

So let's talk about the stuff that happened yesterday.

Felicia has a church calling! Whooooot!  I have been waiting for this for a long time, and she is now the ward Liahona magazine coordinator. I don't really know what that means, but it is cool.  =)

The second things is that WE FOUND A FAMILY. yesssss. Oh my goodness, I was so happy yesterday because we basically struck gold. I have actually known this lady since my first transfer here in Soldati (if I remember correctly... so much time...), and I think now is her moment. She is a bishop's sister, and last transfer her husband died, leaving her with her two sons. SHE IS SO GREAT. When I first met her she told us that she was pretty into her religion, but now she admits that there are some things in it that don't correlate with the doctrine of the Bible. She also likes the doctrine of our Church because it answers her questions (duhh, it's teaches the RESTORED GOSPEL). Anywho, we went to her house yesterday and watched the Joseph Smith video with her and her kids and the bishop, and her kids and the bishop had to tell her to stop and sit down because she was too busy mom-ing us, preparing us food and making chipa and talking about how she bought cheese for really cheap, haha. But eventually she sat down and we had a good lesson. They are so loving and have desires to learn more and to act (¡aceptaron fecha!), and we see great things for them in the future! 

Now the third miracle was with this lady we met Saturday. We were walking (welcome to missionary life) and we decided to talk with this lady outside her house. She is super porteña grandma (¿viste?) but really sweet, and we began to talk with her about the Book of Mormon and she showed some interest! She also told us that she has been in her church for many years, but we continued talking with her and she accepted the book but said she would schedule another visit some other day, which usually means never. But Sunday night we saw her again as we passed her house, and after saying hi her to her she told us, ''yeah, I think I am going to go to your Church. Mine keeps asking me for too much money. I believe in tithing and offerings, but this is too much!'' SCORE. She also said she had been reading and so far had like it. So we scheduled a follow-up visit. Hope for the best!

So yeah. Those are the miracles of the week! I love being a servant of the Lord and sharing the Book of Mormon with the people in Soldati. I didn't know how much I loved the Book of Mormon or the Gospel until I saw how sad life is without it! They truly have to be the key to our happiness, not just the happiness of right now but for forever. So READ THE BOOK! And GO TO CHURCH! And SAY YOUR PRAYERS!
See you all soon enough!
¡Les Quiero!
Elder Hardcastle

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