Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Is it too casual to use hashtags? That has been my inward debate during the mission, So I figured I'd ask you all. If it is, forgive me, and if you tell me I will stop. But It just seemed like a perfect title for all the occurances this week with the mission tour.

Oh, the mission tour (or as we say, gira misional).

 So the tour was split into three days, with one part of the mission at a time coming to San Fernando to come and listen to Elder Texeira and other great leaders in the church (like the new councelor for Sudamérica Sur, Elder Bragg). Every day I had to go to San Fernando to perform, which I don't mind to much. I like changes.  =)  Little did I know I was set up to have probably one of the worst sets of first impressions Elder Texeira has ever received. While I was singing the first day, my voice cracked. I just started singing and I was like ''oh no there is something in my throat.'' The week prior I had been sick, and our musical number was just after lunch and I think a mixture of the two just did not go well. The good news is that after I cracked and could clear my throat, it went a lot better!

But wait. Did you think it ended there?

The second day it was our Zone's turn to go. And I thought we were doing good with the time, until we got off the train. I saw my trainer Elder Carrasco leaving from San Fernando and he told me ''Hurry up, you're late'' and I was thinking ''not even, we still have like five minutes. But as we were walking, I began to doubt. Can it be that I messed up the arrival time? Yep. So we got there a good solid half hour late into the conference.

But wait. Did you think it ended there?

Day three. I am in the bus talking with a lady. I was trying to show her my name tag, but TRICKS I CAN'T BECAUSE I FORGOT IT. And then my voice cracked again.

But here are some good parts of the week that I shared with Pte Smith: This week, like I stated last week, I wanted to work on Abrir la Boca, and was able to see some great results. It is not my favorite thing, starting conversations with strangers, but it is getting easier and I am seeing progress. It's so easy to tie the conversations into the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well. Even though my time in the area was cut pretty short this week (all the trips to San Fernando, a exchanges due to a sick elder that I had to stay with), I was blessed to talk with some really great people! I was able to share the Gospel with lots of great people in public transportation during my many visits to San Fernando=) In our area, thanking to opening our mouths, were able to begin teaching Marcial, and also added Isabel to our pool of investigators. Yesterday afternoon we left to go and do visits with Felicia, our recent convert, and ended by talking with her son, who accepted to read, pray, and go to church next week! He also says he'll get baptized when he receives his answer, but we didn't put down a baptismal date yet because he isn't married to his wife. Buuuuut we can change that. Thanks to our tour with Elder Texeira and our zone conference, I have lots of fire to go finding this week! I would really like to have six baptisms this transfer, it has been a loooong time since I was able to be part of miracle like that, and I hope now is the time. We are seeing some good fruits from our labors this last week, and loook forward to seeing more. I have starting trying to find at all times, hope to nurture this desire and do it even more, with less apprehension every time.

That's some of the great points of the week, I hope you have enjoyed some of it more than I did=(

BUT I love you guys! And will see you all soon enough!

Elder Hardcastle=)

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