Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Transfer, New Me, Same Area

Hello my peope! How are y'all doing=)

Well, last week we found the secret to finding new investigators: FOOD. We did a Noche de Hogar with Felicia and a few others members in the ward, where I made tacos. Thanks goodness for my past Mexican companion that taught me! they turned out super good (paprika with pizza seasoning with lemon makes a great seasoning for chicken), and Felicia's neighbors and family came wandering in to witness all the action. Come hungry, leave happy from being spiritually and physically fed=)

This week I had a bit of a change in focus. I had a bit of an emergency exchange this last week with my district leader Elder Sagripanti so that he could do a baptismal interview and his companion could work in the villa. Presidente Smith is a big fan of Abrir la Boca (open your mouth) and wants us to be missionaries in every moment, so we made an effort to share the gospel in as many moments as we could. Our focus: public transportation. We talked to people in the premetro, subway, and bus. To be honest, I am NOT a fan of talking with strangers (haha welcome to missionary life Elder Hardcastle). It is hard for me to just start up a conversation. But Christ did even harder things so I think I'll be okay, being a little bit uncomfortable is healthy I think. Since usually people aren't too excited to listen to gospel message right from the beginning, I look for some other route to start talking (what their clothing says, where they are going, etc.). I made it a goal now to open my mouth whenever I use public transportation. And I got a lot of practice this week with all our visits to San Fernando, and got to talk to some really great people!  So far I have only failed three times, and have received a greater appreciation for this work. It is not my work, I can should share it as much as Christ would.

Also yesterday I ran into an ex-elder and his wife yesterday in the subway. I was changing subways lines to make our connection, and I saw this young man and woman and I was like, ''they do not look like they are from here.'' The man man half nodded at me, and then we got in the same carriage. I'm pretty sure we had some awkward half glances, and then he came over to me and said ''Hey Elder how are you doing?!'' I was like ''I KNEW IT'' haha (Ex) Elder Jorgensen finished the mission a year ago and came back to visit with his wife. Small world, right?

Transfer calls came yesterday, and the reign of Elder Hardcastle has yet to come to an end. As far as the members know, thee was only one other elder that stayed here for so long. The Zone leaders actually told us there wasn't any info about us in the transfer info, (likely because my companion Elder Boccazzi is finishing up his trĂ¡mites (don't know that word in english) to go to Utah in the near future) so in the meantime we will just keep working in Soldati until we recieve further notice=)

I hope you all have a great week! This week we have our mission tour with Elder Texeira, so stay tuned for some great stuff next week!

See you all soon enough!
Elder Hardcastle

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