Monday, February 29, 2016

I got to use the subway today.

As you can tell by the topic line, I am quite content because I love the subway. 
Really, I am so happy.
Greetings people!

So I figured I should give you all a littler fill in from two weeks ago. I was just kind of in awe and I forgot to write some of the important things that had happened! Like Baptisms! So remember those Valentines baptisms that never happened? Well, they finally did. We baptized two grandkids of a less active that is re-activating herself, and the wife of a part-member family. My testimony is growing so strong that the secret to missionary work lies with the members! Members, members, members. 

I also forgot to mention that a cockroach attacked me during one of my last days in the Sarmiento Zone. There was a 4 cm roach on our balcony window/door and I went over to investigate. Well it charged me and jump/flew onto my arm I freaked out a littl bit and then stomped it to death. So yeah. I am really happy that this new apartment that I am in doesn't have the same cockroach problem that we had during our time in Los Polvorines.

And now for the new news!

Okay, so let me start out by saying that I love love love love love this transfer. My Peruvian companion Elder Juzga and I get along really well and have the same teaching style, and so we have been able to do some pretty good lessons! The problem is that we get so into them that we just keep rolling on! We need to keep an eye on the clock! 

I love Villa Soldati! It's like a little city inside a bigger city! The members that live in the Villa are sooooo great. They give us so many referrals and always are willing to help us make visits! There are also two families with twins! and they are about my age too and we get along great. We also have a great investigator named Felicia that is probably one of the greatest investigators of all time. She takes notes on what she reads so she can ask us questions and whatnot the next visit. We have a family home evening with her tonight and she told us she was going to cook for us=) I don't have any complaints. 

My chef skills have resurected and I am once again the designated cook. We didn't buy food this last week and so cooking ingredients were pretty slim, But twice I made pasta with 'alfredo sauce' which consisted largely of powdered milk and mozzarella, but hey in my humble opinion it tasted pretty dang good! I guess I was pretty inspired to take all those cooking classes back in the day. 

That's all for this week! Love you guys and see you all soon enough!
Elder Hardcastle

 Three of the four of us

 Hno Lozano, from Los Polvorines

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