Monday, November 9, 2015

Things are Getting Roasty

Howdy Gang! How ya'll doing?

I'm feeling a little emotional, a little bit overwhelmed, a little vulnerable and could probably use a hug, but one thing I am not right now is hot. This nice Cyber cafe has air conditioning. It's actually a bit chilly but I won't complain too much because this week has been hot hot HOT. 

Wild week. President Ayres is really pushing us to achieve 1600 baptisms for the year 2015. right now we are around 450 short, so if there was ever a time for a miracle it would be now. In order to help achieve this goals, our district has to have 11 baptisms this month, and my companion and I are responsible for 3 of those baptisms. 3 persons who are elegidos, people who are basically the ideal investigators. A hard task? Oh yes. With our three week track to baptism this is our final week to baptism, and right now things aren't looking too promising. President Ayre is super motivative for us to obtain this goal; we have had a conference with the Area Seventy Elder Gonzales and his wife, as well as a training convention in San Fernando. It was all super good, but this last week we lost a lot of time of trying to find people because we had problems with our apartment. But all is settled and I hope this week we can increase our faith a little bit to find some solid investigators. The tough part is trying to find some solid investigators. There is almost NO ONE in the streets because it is so blasted hot. We had a slow week and with some of the pressures and being sick again I've felt a bit unmotivated and overwhelmed, but now is the time to kick it into high gear and work harder and smarter. I have already started setting things up so that we can have a great end to the year. 

We start English classes this week!  So pray it goes well.

Not much more to report. Hope you all have a splendid week! Pray for some miracle here in Los Polvorines if you have a spare second. Love you guys and see you soon enough! 

Elder Hardcastle

ps It's raining super duper hard outside. I can hear it from here. the plus side: rain = not sun:)

DROPBOX: Okay, so I put a video on dropbox. The username is this email, the password is argban. Enjoy a video of me eating Morcilla (blood sausage)

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