Friday, November 20, 2015

"Are you from Italy?" And a Trip to the Temple

Greetings everyone.

Remember when I said last week it was raining? Well, I should have said flooding, because when we got back on the street there was much water to be had. But It was nice for the day. The weather here is really so crazy during spring. There are days of incredible heat and then rain. We had another rainstorm this Thursday while we were on splits with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Edmonds from Utah and we had quite the splash and even though we couldn't do very much he really helped me understand how I could improve my efforts. 

One thing President wants us to do is try to find people through the multi-dimensionality of members, and Elder Edmonds helped me see how I can make more of my contacts THROUGH members. It may seem a little tedious, but I know that it works. Here's how:  Yesterday we were cleaning out our list of less actives and I applauded outside a house (you don't knock here 99.8% of the time) and they didn't answer, so I decided to try next door to ask if they knew this person and maybe invite them to learn more about the church. The neighbor answered and was super cool. He asked me if I was from Italy (I'm so exotic you guys and I never even knew it) His name is U____ and is from Cuba and had interest! and he is MARRIED! So basically he is exactly the type of person we are supposed to be looking for. It added to my testimony that President Ayres really is receiving direction from the Lord, that there are people ready and the key is the members! Even if they are less actives and didn't answer the door and probably don't even care about the church anymore (which happens here sometimes and is kind of sad). We have an appointment with him tonight. I also found a woman this week who has a lot of possibility, named D___. Two of her kids are really worldly, and she has another kids that's deaf, named S____. I just want her to accept the gospel so bad. She has lot's of desire. We haven't been able to meet with her much because our lesson with her fell through Friday because we were at the temple, but she has been reading the pamphlet we gave her and liked it and she told us she's heard bad things about us but doesn't believe what she heard. How amazing. She was really excited to go to church Sunday with her son but unfortunately she never made it. I think something must have happened and we take partial blame because we could have arranged someway better to get her to the church. We'll try again this week.

Like I mentioned earlier, we got to go to the temple this week! Oh my goodness the Buenos Aires Temple is so stinking beautiful. The grounds, the inside, the CCM, all of it! I even bought a cupcake in the cafeteria they have by the visitor´s area. and I bought grapefruit juice. and a super hot dog and empanadas, and a salad because I'm healthy (haha...). Elder Molina and I even got to go with the secretaries of the mission because I also had visa stuff to do this day. Satan didn't want us to go to the temple it seems because this other car ran into the side of us. Luckily God looks out for His missionaries and it only left a little scrape in the truck.
That was some of the plusses of my week! The Christmas Choir is going along great. I get to sing a solo in Santa la Noche (O Holy Night), so that is pretty cool=) 

Thanks for all the emails you all send me! I love getting them. If I don't reply or don't say much please don't kill me, but know that LES AMO MUCHÌSIMO.

Hope you all have a killer week. See you all soon enough=)

Elder Hardcastle, NOT from Italy

Especially in an air conditioned truck and not a hot bus (buses have AC too but hot bodies and hot air from open windows kind of overwhelm the system)

Just a lil' rainstorm for you all

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