Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just Some Good Clean Fun

Feliz Lunes a todo de ustedes,  =)

Well this week we had a lot going on. Jokes, literally. Wednesday my companion, Elder Molina, became sick with some serious pains in his stomach. So I spent the week playing doctor, until Friday when we went to the Hospital Austral (we drove through some of my old area, how precious) to have real doctors look at him. I had been on and off the phone with Hermana Ayres this last week as we were trying to figure out what was wrong. Friday night we both got concerned that it was apendicitis. We did some at home tests to see if it could be and we felt as though going to the hospital would be the best way to find out. You don't want to mess around with appendicitis! So, that night at around 2100 we left for the hospital. We went through triage, waited, met with a doctor, waited, my companion got an ultrasound, we got lost trying to find where he needed to get his blood taken (it was on this floor that didn't have any lights down the main hallway... sketch), and then waited another two hours to get the results, only to find out that they couldn't find anything wrong. We got back to the apartment around 0350, I woke up at around 0900, But we got special permission to sleep in=). My companion fully woke up at around  1515, and told me he felt loads better, so hey! All is well now. AND THEN because of the elections Sunday, we were told to stay in our apartments, so we spent yet another day inside. The other elders had what they liked to call Dormingo (Domingo=Sunday, dormir=to sleep.) But I tried to be a good little missionary and got some more studying in, and only fell asleep for a little bit when I was reading el Libro de Mormòn=) so yeah, that's been my life. 

I figured this week's email would be a little small for the lack of new news, so I decided to put in a few fun facts of Argentina, so here you go.

1- Here it is custom that when you greet someone you kiss on the cheek. As missionaries, obviously we can't have ladies kissing us, so get that out of your heads right now. I have refrained from kissing anyone up to this point, but I can honestly say that I have been kissed by more men than women in my life. Moving on...
2- The people here are very patriotic. If you know anything about Argentina, you know that once upon a time there was a war over some islands off the coast, which are called the Malvinas. As missionaries, we are not supposed to talk politics with people, but sometimes you try to talk to someone and somehow they change the  topic to the Malvinas, and then you are a goner. Some people are very passionate about these islands.
3- There is a super rich area in the mission called Belgrano. I have been there twice now, And let me tell you, it is Fancy Town. My first time there I was with my District Leader Elder McIllece because we were in exchanges and we were supposed to go to a conference there (the one with our area seventy Elder Gonzales), and we found the Thai Embassy. Or was it the Embassy of Taiwan... I don't remember, I'm pretty sure it was of Thailand. Anywho, I had a total Elder Hardcastle moment as we were walking trying to find the chapel. I was thinking about how fancy this place was, and then I thought of how it smelled like a clean bathroom. I know, I am awkward. 

Hope you all have a GREAT week! Eat a lot for thanksgiving. 

See you all soon enough,

Elder Hardcastle=)

Catching some zzz's in the Hospital while we wait for blood results.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my Mommy  =)
I had a little bit of free time this week to do some coloring.  
Now it is proudly displayed above my desk.

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