Thursday, May 4, 2017

El comienzo del final

Buenas tardes del Buenos Aires!

Sooo. Let's cut to the good stuff first. Today they gave us our transfers. My very last... qué raro... but yeah. You ready?

I'm staying in El Talar! And my new compañero is Elder Albanese, from Uruguay! Don't ask me anything about him yet, I didn't even know he existed until today. I think he is just fresh out of his training, and I hope he is ready to work hard and be obedient here because this Elder Hardcastle is an old feller now and has no time to youthful shenanigans. haha but I'll tell you more about him next week!

So not too much to report from these last few weeks... The weather has been crazy, which I guess I should be used to by now. I had to break out my heavy coat with scarf and everything because we have freezing rain! The good thing was that the Relief Society president called us during our exercises to tell us to be prepared, so that was really kind of her. But now it is super hot and sunny. 

We have been on the hunt for new investigators and our search has been a bit unfruitful. I can't control how many people want to accept the message that will change their life, but I can at least give them the opportunity to learn it! This last week Presidente Smith asked all of us to start working more between 10am and our lunch appointments. I actually quite like working in the morning and doing our studies in the afternoon (we were pretty much already doing it) and one of the tender mercies is that it's the time of day when all the cats come out to play=) I love it. 

So this is my last transfer. It's weird to think about reaching the end of this marvelous adventure, so I'm going to try to not think about it too much and just work whatever I can. 

See you all soon enough! And read your scriptures!


Elder Hardacstle =)

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