Monday, May 8, 2017

Diem Carped

Hello gang! ¿Cómo están?

The rain in Argentina falls mainly on Sunday. But we'll get to that later.

So we had an interesting week here in El Talar! Elder Albanese and I are adjusting very well to the change!  He is really great and obedient and diligent, so we are getting along quite well. The only problem is that in his first area he fell and got some sort of organic matter wedged into his hand, but couldn't get it out because he wasn't on the Church health plan yet. Well, now in his third transfer, he has a small lump on his hand and when we went to the emergency room to get it looked at, the doctor told us that he would need surgery... so now the mission nurse is going to talk with the area doctor to figure things out. He is my sixth companion that I've taken to the doctor (not counting the other two visits I did during exchanges with other elders), so I'm pretty much an expert and have visited all the major hospitals in Buenos Aires. They say the mission prepares you for life but I really hope this doesn't mean lots of visits to the doctor in my future

So we are destroying this place. I am looking to go outwith a bang so we started contacting with a bang and have been really working on talking to and finding more people. Wednesday morning we left the apartment at 10 and seriously by the time we returned around one o'clock in the afternoon, we were whooped. Good thing I am taking vitamins to keep this body going! haha but while we were out knocking on doors, I saw a man in a tree cutting down the branches on the other side of the house. I felt the need to contact him, but I  was like 'uhh that is really awkward. no.' and I went over to contact the other house. Buuut the feeling did go away so I let the Spirit win and got out on the pass along cards and yelled, ''Sorry to bug you but we want to leave this with you''. And he got down from the tree to talk to us! It turns out he talked with the missionaries ages ago! So there you go. 

This week we did a lot of contacts but mainly we just prepared the people to accept the Gospel in the future. We were taught once that it usually takes someone seven encounters with the Church before they accept the Gospel. So we might as well work hard now so others can reap the results later, haha. And this Sunday I was a bit disappointed for the lack of results we were seeing, so I said a prayer and got back to contacting in the rain. Lo and behold, the second person I contacted accepted a Book of Mormon and a visit! I think a motto/motivational phrase I could probably put on my mission would be ''Maybe this one.''. That lead me to chase down a family the other day but in the end I think they thought I was going to rob them, but it's all good=) Sometimes it's disappointing to not see the success you want, but it isn't our work; it's the Lords, and He will bless us according to His own will and pleasure. If we do our work and never lose hope, we can at least have the satisfaction that we did our part, and the blessing is on the way.

That's about it for now. Oh and also last week I deep fried Oreos. Thanks for the idea, Elder Steele!

See you all soon enough,

Elder Hardcastle=)

No photos of the deep fried Oreos because I can't get the computer to work=( otro daí quizás

Also, The subject line comes from a t-shirt I saw this week that made me laugh. That is all.

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