Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Call

[in the voice of Dumbledor] ''Another transfer, gone.''

What a time Elder Juzga and I had together, and will contintue having because we are both staying in our area. It has probably been my most productive transfer so far in the mission. Elder Juzga and I get along super well! It is SO AMAZING what you can do with a companion who is so dedicated to the work and wants to work in every moment. We worked hard, we were obedient, and even I have thought a lot about this transfer in regards of investigators and baptisms, I feel like we did a lot of good work in the Villa, and saw a lot of personal progress. We have definitely started working better with the ward, and I keep loving Soldati.

Some good news from this week.
So once upon a time I wrote you guys about our basically golden investigator, whose only obstacle between her and baptism was her working Sundays. We have worked a lot with her because she is just so great, and this week she has finally found someone to switch work schedules with! YESSSSS so she will be able to be baptized up here soon, and we are oh so happy. 

This week  we had lunch with the Cornejo family and they are now like my favorite little family here in the ward. They are a young couple with a little girl. They both were born into member families, which is so uncommon here in Argentina. Anyways they fed us and I was talking with Hno Cornejo and he told us he works in a chocolate factory! What!!! He then pulled out chocaolate and we get to test it out. I told the family then that I am pretty much chocolate's number one fan, AND HE GAVE ME A BAG OF OF CHOCOLATE. I was so happy and I just couldn't stop smiling. THESE ARE MY TYPE OF PEOPLE.

And now time to explain the subject line, an occurance that happened yesterday that was probably one of the happiest moments ever. Yesterday we were walking in the rain (newsflash it is raining gatos y perros down here) and we got a phone call. Elder Juzga answered it and it was the Elders in Pilar 2, my first area. He passed me the phone and then the elders on the other side passed it to another guy. It was the Aguirre Family, who I baptized in Pilar! I got to talk to the husband and wife and their oldest daughter who was confirmed my first week in the mission. President Ayres gave them permission to call me. Friends and family, What joy it brings to talk to this family that I grew to love as they grew to love the gospel. I was so, so happy. They are like my family here in Argentina, they even call me their son! I really did so little for them, being such a youngster in the mission and not being able to do hardly anything, but I love them with all my heart. It was such a great experience. 

That's about all this week. Stay safe, and I'll see you all soon enough (like in 14 months because I completed 10 this last week!)


Elder Hardcastle 

I was going to send pictures but it's not working.  =(

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