Monday, January 18, 2016

Hola señor sol, por favor vayase

Well, week one with Elder Caifual was super great. We walked a lot and I filled him in on the goings on in Los Polvorines. Elder Caifual has about a year in the mission, and is really great. I am kind of leading the area right now because obviously he is new in this territory, and it has given me a good opportunity to talk some more and be a little bit more outgoing. He is less extroverted than Elder Molina was, so I get to participate more in our daily activities as well. We both really want to find people in this transfer and that is our goal. One thing that I really admire about my companion is that he is really brave. In Spanish there is term- bajar la caña (drop the cane)- which is basically means 'to call to repentance', like a mother reprimanding a child, for instance. Anyways he can ''bajar la caña''  that I wouldn't ever try to say, but he can do it in such a way that they don't even get offensive, it is glorious=) 

We found some new investigators this week and we have one really good possibility. She is the granddaughter of a less active and seems to have a desire to learn more. We are waiting on the signature of her mom so we can officially start to teach her, but she is really great. We put a baptismal date on her but we will have to change it because she couldn't go to church because she was sick =(  but we will keep visiting with her and hopefully she will be able to see that the pathway to happiness is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Yesterday was a super duper day. When we got to church our Branch President wanted to talk with us and we had a little meeting with him and talked about some of the inner workings and history of the branch, and now we feel a lot more up to date. He also gave us a key to the baptismal font! We helped with the baptism of a girl in the ward too. We helped plan this baptism with her grandparents and they wanted me to sing as part of the baptismal program A Child's Prayer from the Primary Songbook, and I agreed, even though we don't even have a primary songbook in the apartment. anyways, yesterday came around and I saw on the program that I was going to sing it with the ward chorister... SURPRISE I was like 'okay cool this will be different'. So without even practicing together we sang together. For those of you that know the song, there is a child part and an adult part. The 40ish year old hermana was the child and I was the adult. We didn't have accompaniment and she started off singing in a pitch lower than I had anticipated, which totally threw me off and left me singing all confused and whatnot. Anyways it only lasted like 3 minutes so whatever, anythings to be helpful.  =) 

After lunch we started up the work. We tried to find a less active that we have in our directory but we ended getting super lost (and found a poor dead frog in the street  :(), and we come to find out that the street doesn't even exist anymore, it's like a rich people country club. After that we decided to dump the plans we had and went to search for another family in our branch that I know because we were dying of a killer thirst. So we went and caught a bus and it didn't even go where we wanted it to! Like I told him where we wanted to go and he didn't even tell he that it was to wrong bus... whatever. So we had to walk a lot more but we got to the house we wanted eventually and the less active father was there so we were able to talk to him and share a scripture from the Book of Mormon and drink like 6 liters of water (you think we are kidding... it was a lot of water). After that we went and searched for another hermana in our ward that lived more or less close and we only got a little bit more lost again. She is probably one of my favorite people in all of Los Polvorines; She's super religious and is always praising The Almighty and LOVES the missionaries, so we ended off the day with good smiles and happy feelings.  =)

That's about it for the week. ¡¡Espero que todos estén bien y que disfruten esta semana!!

Bye. See you all soon enough!
Elder Hardcastle

photo 1- Chorrillana con Élder Caifual

Spot the non-Chileano (hint: it's me)

Just some more pictures from bowling today. I placed 2nd of 22 Elders with a score of 124... BEAT THAT!
Also Elder Parraguez gave me a haircut today and didn't even mess up this time.

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