Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chileanos are my friends.

When I finish the mission I think I will haveto make a trip to Chile. I seem to be making more friends in the mission from Chile than any other Latin American country. AND THIS MAKES THE PERFECT BUILD UP FOR MY NEXT BIG NEWS: TRANSFERS. We were starting to feel like I would be leaving Los Polvorines and Elder Molina would be there for another transfer, but that was not the case. Elder Molina (And Elder Holtry too, only one transfer over here) has left and Elder Caifual has come, and you want to guess where he is from? Yep, CHILE. He is super great. He has about a year in the mission and seems really sincere and super kind and I am expecting a good solid transfer here in Los Polvorines. I have told him about some of the problems we face and he isn't too scared yet, and I have a feeling that as we strive to be obedient God will help us with our needs.  =)

We had interviews with Presidente Ayre this last week. He said something near the very beginning which stuck out to me. He ask me how I was doing and I told him this area is hard but I was doing okay, and he told me that really I should take this area as a compliment, that God knew that I could take on an area like this. I hadn't ever really thought about it like that, and it made me feel a little bit blessed and it made me remember that Presidente Ayre doesn't make the transfer calls, God does. We talked a lot about goals after the mission and he told me to go big, and to work really hard in my 20s to enjoy the fruits of my labors later in life. Wow, sounds like what my dad says. =)   We also talked a bit about marriage, and I figured I should let mom and dad know that he told me I don't need to get married right after the mission, so they can take a deep breath and relax a bit.  =) 

This day I also had exchanges with my great friend Elder Parraguez. It was so great and he is such a great example of the type of missionary I want to become. This might sound super duper cheesy, but I very well could have found my best friend here in the mission. He is so flipping funny and we decided that he is going to be my cuñado, or as we say in the USA, brother-in-law.  =)   Sorry to break it to you Audrey but I found your future husband. He isn't a 10/10 with his English yet but we are working on it. 
That's about it from the land down south! I'm really looking forward to this new transfer and hope to see some great things over here. We have an investigator who read the Book of Mormon the other day and felt something so we are going to be setting up a lesson with her up here soon and help her on her pathway to conversion, and maybe we'll find some other people along the way in these next 6 weeks. 

See you all soon enough!
Élder Hardcastle

This last week we found these two GIGANTIC cucarachas, yummy. When they are this big they begin to scare me. WE LIVE ON THE FOURTH FLOOR OF OUR APARTMENT BUILDING HOW DO THEY EVEN GET HERE

Elder Parraguez and I. The pizza here is sooooo good. 

Elder Caifual and I

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