Monday, March 20, 2017

Where Can I Turn for Peace?


This letter will act as my summary for this week and last week, because I forgot to carry my journal and forgot to write about some of the excitement. 

Okay so first we will start out with the Great Mosquito Massacre, Last week a big storm passed through Baradero in the middle of the night, and our air conditioning stopped working and just started beeping. I got up and tried turning it off, but the remote couldn't turn it off, so I had to climb up a chair and turn off the thing (air conditioning is weird here, I'll explain another day if you have interest). But, in an effort to still have cool air circulating through the room, I opened the window and let some of the cool stormy breeze in. Later that night I heard buzzing around my head. and then again. and again. And I knew- it was mosquitos. I ran downstairs and grabbed the mosquito killer spray we had and started spraying it around the room. Unfortunately, it didn't work as well as hoped, or perhaps it was too late and the damage was already done, because when I woke up I had mosquito bites all over my arms and head and neck. It was horrible. I had like 74 bites. And the little nasties were hiding all over the room, so I kept the killer spray on hand (it worked really good for direct kills) and during our morning studies I would stop every so often to kill the filthy creatures. They were FILLED with blood. I have photo proof. The good news is that my companion didn't wake up and had few bites, if any;  I don't have dengue (yet); and I killed all the mosquitos. 

These two weeks we have tried just about everything possible, I called almost every person in the Area book, we called the people in our future investigator sheets, we contacted around the church, 
and we walked. Oh, did we walk. I want to see how much I have walked here in Baradero. But Thursday was an eventful day. For starters, we had six dogs follow us, and at one point five of them at the same time! And then I found a hidden alley I hadn't even seen before so we decided to enter and contact. I contacted a house and the man that answered played the ''Look over there!'' game with us. Well, he got me to look and closed the door when we weren't looking=) It was really classy. 

Then later in the day we knocked on a door and a lady came out. Our conversation went as follow:
Elder Hardcastle: ''Hi we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...'' 
Lady: ''Okay, but I'm ''[other religion].''
Elder Hardcastle: ''So wouldn't you like to learn more about Jesus?''
Lady: ''No, I'm going to Church right now, that's how I'll learn.''

I had to hand it to her for answering well. I like to throw in the ''Wouldn't you like to learn about Jesus?'' question every so often, and you'd be surprised by how many people say no! It makes me sad. 

We also had a lesson with a man who couldn't accept that the Book of Mormon could have the same value as  the Bible. Even though we shared many things and testified, he kept talking in circles bringing up the same excuses, Oh well. I had prepared WELL for the lesson, so if nothing more I came out with a stronger testimony of the necessity of the Book of Mormon. Go read 2 Nephi 29 if you have any questions. 

Friday we had another nice testimony of the importance of our studies. We met with a less active family from Bolivia that stopped coming to church for a few problems in the branch. Just that afternoon in companionship study we had discussed the importance of going to church, so it was perfect. The Hermana also told us that she likes singing and music, so I asked if I could sing for them  Dónde hallo el solaz? (Where Can I Turn for Peace?) which we had sung that day as well! It was a nice visit and I hope they start coming to church because they are really great!

That is a wrap for this week. I love being a missionary! It is the greatest thing I have ever done. 

See you all soon enough,

Elder Hardcastle

Pictures1 and 2- Mosquito Massacre 
3- Amores family
4- Hugo and Daniela and Co.

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