Tuesday, February 14, 2017

...¡hola mundo!

Feb. 6, 2017

¿Cómo anda la gente?

Wowzers, sorry for being underground. It's just that these last fews weeks have been loco crazy, so I hope to write a lot right now! Are you ready?

World Missionary Training
I am sure the majority of you all know by now the news and changes that we are going through. AND THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY! Oh going back to the apartment is so nice now because we can just relax. But on a more spiritual note, the training was amazing, just what I needed. With the taking away of many key indicators, I feel like we can dedicate our time fully to finding people to teach the gospel to and preparing them to make important, life-saving convenants with our Heavenly Father! It has definitely helped us... we have an invesitgator pool of around 11ish people! we just need to help them keep their committments and keep repenting, and they will be golden members of the restored church!

Elders with the Elderly
So a couple of weeks ago we were talking with a eldery sister in Baradero who told us that she would go and sing to her aunt who is in a assisted living center. So we said we wanted to go sing! So she prepared a day and then we went one day, we were in divisions but everyone wanted to go and so we manned up a quadruplet and sang! It was a residency of just cute little grandmas, and they fell in love with us, the dears. haha We are going to have to go sing there again! And it was a fun and simple way to brighten up their day, and ours!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty, too.
So I'm twenty now. hmm. That sounds more grown up in english. veinte just doens't have the same maturity attatched to it. I really didn't want to do anything on my birthday, just work. I had kept really secret, but then my companion spilled the beans to the Luquez family (one of my favorite families an Argentina) and they prepared me a little something=) and I had ice cream cake! and then last monday for pday they made us an asado. It was nice and they made me feel special=) but now the fun is over and THE WORK IS ON! Just kidding. I still try to work and have fun=)

San Barapedro progressing
But speaking of work, the work is, as they say here, A FUL. We have been working hard with our investigators and really trying to help them accept the Gospel, and all of them still want to learn more, and so the number just keeps building, and we have so many people to teach! Like have need to get married before they can get baptized, so we are working with that, and then the rest just need to go to church. I DON'T KNOW WHY IT IS SO HARD! but we had three in the church yesterday, and San Pedro had four, so we are happy for our slow but sure progress of our district. We have a baptism scheduled for next week, my first one in this area! I am so blessed!
...So as you can see, Elder Hardcastle is doing just fine here, and loving the mission. I can't believe how much the Lord blesses me. I really don't feel like I deserve it all, but he take my sorry efforts and brings them to life. Oh how great the goodness of our God! He knows us and is mindful of us. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and the love and grace he gives me. I know I have a far way to go to be perfect, but he helps me on my way and I just am so sure he loves me and wants me to keep going strong. He is my example. I love Him

Have a great day, all. and I'll SEE YOU ALL SOON ENOUGH!

Elder Hardcastle

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