Monday, July 25, 2016

I love being a dad.


This week I was called a Spaniard again and Paraguayan. So that's cool.

I love being a missionary! Do you all remember the other week how I said that I was trying to have more charity? Well, I have a testimony now that charity makes all the difference. I feel so full and happy and I see lot's of results in the way I think and act and what I say. We are seeing so many great things happening right now in Soldati, Elder Boccazzi and I. Here is the lowdown:

Felicia is a lady that I have been teaching since I got to Soldati, and she is our recent convert (yikes I almost put convert recent, silly castellano) that we always work with. She was baptized my second transfer here and I have been able to watch her conversion to the gospel. She is a peach. I have dubbed her my unofficial aunt. Felicia has a really strong testimony and a great baptismal story as well! The night before her baptism, her house flooded! and she spent hours trying to  solve the problem and almost didn't make it to her baptism, but she knew it was important so went anyways. Satan is real, but our faith in Christ is more powerful than his attempts to stop us.The other day she took us to a friend's house who was telling us about 'all the stuff that is going to happen before Christ comes again' and Felicia with all her sass cracked a joke about everyone burning up and I burst out laughing during the contact. Oops.  =)

Also a fun cool spiritual story. So Felicia has a friend, let's call her 'Maria'. Maria has a sort of ('ex') husband, that we shall call 'Juan'. So the other day we were walking down the street and we ran into Maria and her daughter. I asked her where she was headed and she said to her daughter's dad's house. I then asked if he would be the type of man that needs a gospel message, and she said yes! So we went with her to Juan's house, and then he came to church with us Sunday! Yay! I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE GO TO CHURCH. Later that afternoon we went over to his house to teach him, and he told us about how we had come in the right moment, that he was an alcoholic but wanted to change and be a better example for his daughter. He also said that before he probably would have just told  us to leave, but right now he is ready for a change. He is humble and ready to be taught. I have gained such a testimony these last days that there are people ready to receive the gospel.

So this last week my companion and I were doing visits with a sister in our area and one of her neighbors was outside and this hermana goes right up to her and is like ''Hi. What's your name? Oh. I want you to talk to the missionaries.'' Haha, we talked with the lady and arranged to do another visit with her. Well fast forward to the second meeting and we knock on the door, and another person that lives in the house told us that she was 'in the bathroom.' Hmm, like we've never heard that before. We were kind of feeling like just giving up on her, but we decided to give her one more chance, por la duda. So we went by a little later aaaaand she was there! And we taught her lesson 1! And she committed to come to church the next day! And then she came! And then after sacrament meeting she accepted a baptismal date! and then she stayed to watch a baptism! Needless to say, we were pretty happy. BUT THEN. When we were walking back to the villa, and after trying to arrange another day visit her, she tells us that she is going to Bolivia for a month. WHAAAAT. So yeah. plans shattered. But you better believe it that we will be passing by in like a month!

Elder Boccazzi and I are doing great together. He is so great and has such big desires to be the best he can be. We are seeing LOADS of changes here in Soldati, and I and kind of in shock because all of a sudden we are seeing so many fruits. THE BLESSINGS OF BEING A TRAINER ARE REAL!!! hahaha. But in all seriousness, it has been one of the greatest weeks in my mission. Maybe even the greatest. I'm trusting in God, being guided by love, and it is amazing to see the differences, I wish I could it explain it all to you guys! I KNOW that this is not my work.

I hope you all have a grand week, AND PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART.

See you all soon enough!

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